We offer onsite massage / corporate massage in London

Welcome to Relaxed workplace! We offer relaxation services to companies and offices within the London area. We offer massage services targeted to office workers, companies and for specific events. We cater for pretty much any size from 2 employees to 100.

We offer On-site chair massage, Indian head massage, Reflexology and Reiki. Our treatments are delivered on a massage chair and treatments last 15 minutes per person. Our therapists come with their own massage chairs and can treat up to 4 people per hour.

We have a team of therapists trained personally by Kyoungjin Ha which has been a therapist for 10 years and has experience in organising events of large size. Kyoungjin will personally help coordinate your events and turn them in a successful and enjoyable moment.

Our Treatments

Onsite chair massage

A chair massage treatment is the best way to relax tense and aching muscles. The treatment takes place on a special chair and you keep your clothes on. Our therapist works on the muscles that have accumulated tension to release energy and invigorate your body.

Indian head massage

This Massage originates from India mothers who give this massage to their children. The treatment involves massaging the upper back, shoulders, arms/hands, neck, scalp and face. This relaxes tense areas and make your feel intensively good.


Reflexology is a treatment that provides relaxation and wellbeing. The treatment takes place on a special chair and the therapist works on your feet. Our therapist use pressure, stretch and movement to relieve tension that has accumulated in your body.

Energy balance massage

This treatment requires minimal touch. The therapist practitioner channels energy through to the client working on points on the body related the pressure points, the major organs and the 7 major chakras or energy centres to restore the body's harmony.

Corporate office massage accessible to everyone

Massage in the office/ onsite massage is a great way to provide innovative rewards to your employees or your guests. Our mission is to provide great treatments at a competitive price to help you access Corporate massage services within budget. We have provided thousands of hours of professional treatments for employees in London and guest at social events. Our treatments provide relief from tension and instant stress reduction leaving your renewed of energy and vitality.


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What Clients say about us

"We are a brokerage house based in the city. Our brokers are spending long hours at their desk and the job is stressfull. We asked for two therapists to treat 20 members of our staff via 15 mins treatments. This has been incredibly popular and our staff really has been performing better as a result"
"We are a large group of employees in an investment bank, we organised for Relaxedworplace to send us three therapists for an afternoon every week. We take turns for 15 mins treatments and we particularly like Chair massage and Reflexology. It is nice to relax for a short moment and the therapists are putting a great effort! Thanks"

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